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Mayor of Aztec, New Mexico and Candidate for House District NM03

Elected to Aztec City Commission/ Appointed Mayor March 2018 



 I was born and raised in rural upstate NY where I volunteered to serve in our nation's military upon graduating high school in 1988.  I subsequently served 22 years, including four separate deployments during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1991 and drug interdiction operations.  After recruiting for the military for many years, I retired from military service in April 2012 and shortly thereafter began my second career teaching Army JROTC in our public schools.  I currently teach JROTC at Aztec High School and have taught there since August 2015.   




One of my core beliefs is one should try to live a life of service.  I continue to serve Aztec as a public high school teacher while serving as an Aztec City Commissioner/ Mayor of Aztec as well as balancing my life with my wife of nearly 20 years, Camellia, our four adult children, and my amazing young grandson! 

Whenever possible, we explore our beautiful natural attractions of  northern New Mexico and the Great American Southwest!  Camping, hiking, eating good food, exploring our expansive high desert backyard and mountains are just a few of the things that inspire us to enjoy our home, but also make us ever more determined to work to protect these treasures and fight back against those wishing to exploit them for profit.

My Core Beliefs

The Environment and Climate Change

According to the United Nations AND our very own Joint Chiefs of the U.S. armed forces, Climate Change/Global Warming is a top national security threat to us and the world as a collective. I support bold and comprehensive legislation tackling the most important crisis of our time: man-made climate change, and I stand with colleagues supporting the Green New Deal.  As a small town northern New Mexico Mayor, we are at ground zero for the environmental and economic impacts of unnecessary methane pollution.  Our city is positioned directly beneath this Delaware-sized methane cloud and the time to act is NOW!  I support re-implementing the Federal Methane Capture Rule originally introduced under President Obama. 

Health Care Reform

The United States of America is the ONLY modern/industrialized nation that doesn't offer universal healthcare to all of it's citizens!  I believe this is not only wrong, but a shame that the wealthiest nation in the free world falls so short when it comes to what amounts to a basic human right... to be healthy and to have access to adequate medical care and medical providers to include mental health services. I support Medicare For ALL and ensuring that we join all of the other industrialized nations in the world and offer comprehensive health care for all of our citizens.  No American should fear losing everything just because they got sick or injured, nor should they be afraid of losing coverage over a pre-existing condition.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I believe that no human being is illegal and that asylum seekers at our borders should be processed quickly and efficiently; no families should be separated; all immigrants should be treated humanely and with the same dignity that we all should expect to receive.  Congress must draft and pass immigration reform to include granting citizenship to DACA recipients (Dreamers).  Deporting men and women that have volunteered to serve in our uniformed armed forces is unacceptable and fundamentally un-American.

Women's Right to Choose

I support the right of a woman to choose what she does with her own body and that Roe v. Wade should remain the law of the land.  We must do better at providing adequate health and reproductive care and services to all communities and ensure sufficient access and availability to those services.  With the recent travesty surrounding the draconian Alabama abortion law( and now Georgia, and Missouri, and North Carolina), it is even more vital that we resist and fight back to preserve womens health choices, their right to choose, and a commitment to protect those basic human rights.

Worker's Rights

I support raising the national minimum wage to $15.00/hr. and recommitting to restoring and protecting worker's rights and to eliminate so-called "right to work" legislation.  I also support tuition-free community college and trade school to help re-establish our nations "talent pool" of skilled trade-workers and vocational education system.

Money in Politics

Our elections system and how they are financed are badly broken, and I support a Constitutional amendment eliminating the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and getting corporate and dark money OUT of our elections and our politics.

Education Reform

We must fully fund early childhood education and ensure programs that assist our children receive the best possible start at life and their education such as Head Start programs; pre-K programs; emotional health access at all levels of public education; and making community colleges/trade schools/ 4 year state colleges tuition free.

Gun Control

I strongly support sensible gun control measures at the national level.  As a teacher that survived a school shooting at a public high school in Northwest New Mexico in December 2017, I saw first hand the affects of a broken system that demands our attention now.  I am an advocate for enhanced background checks, red flag laws, and banning military grade weaponry like the AR-15. A person's right to keep and bear arms should not come at the expense of anyone fearing for their lives when they get off the school bus to attend class each day.  

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW)

We MUST shine a light on this tragedy and take the lead in stopping the abduction and murder of our indigenous women and girls in our First Nation people's communities. I propose a Federal Task Force to tackle this and make it an absolute priority for our country.  I support increased efforts to address and make this a national priority and fund basic infrastructure needs that can aid in cutting response times once incidents occur and to also improve access to first responders and law enforcement resources.  It should not take hours for help to arrive when called upon and our native brothers and sisters have had to endure inadequate basic services for far too long.  It's time to fix that and I vow to be a leader in this fight!

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